Karma will get you.

When we moved to our new home we brought with us a 9 year old rescue named Sasha. Unfortunately about six years later she passed away. My husband said, "No more dogs; it's too painful when you lose them." Well, 6 months after the day she died, a big old hound dog came running through my back yard. Behind her was a small pup with big paws following her. The big dog stopped looked at us and looked at her, then picked up speed and left. The little dog was hungry and thirsty, so my husband fed her gave her water and secured her till he could find out where she belonged or find her a home. Night came and he put her on the porch; later on we heard a terrifying moan so my husband checked on her. He turned on the light and she was okay, he turned off the light and she started to moan. So he left it on for her; she was good. After a few weeks, he announced might as well keep her, as he had named her. Karma grew to 95 lbs. She always tried sit on my husband's lap. She loved the cat; when he laid on her bed, she slept on the floor. She was still terrified of the dark, so she had to have a night light. She learned to open the dog gate so she could check on us at night. She had a sense of humor and made us laugh. Sadly, she developed cancer and we had to put her down. My husband and I miss our girl.

Trisha Tompkins