Kelsy, my soulmate

When I returned from my last deployment in Iraq, I visited my folks in Northern Michigan and was volunteering my time at the local shelter. When I first came across Kelsy, she sat in the back corner of her kennel very fearful of everyone as she was scared of the unfamiliar surroundings and unknown people now in her life. While working with her she became very comfortable with me, and we bonded quite quickly. It was official, I wasn't leaving back to the military without Kelsy going along with. She wouldn't have it any other way! She joined me for an additional 2 years of service in Texas, where she met many Soldiers who got to enjoy her happy go-lucky spirit as she wandered the halls of the Warrior Transition Unit and visited with Soldiers attending the Warrior Combat Reset Center on the installation of Fort Hood, Texas. Upon my retirement, we returned to Michigan where she has returned to romping in the snow, swimming in the lakes and enjoying many a car ride. She is a true "Mutt" as you can see many a breed in her and she's got quite the personality to boot. She speaks her mind---she'll sit a few feet from me and bark a few times, letting me know its time to go out (but what's most interesting is when she knows I have a migraine---she will use her "inside" voice and her bark will be barely a whisper or she'll simply paw at my leg and turn towards the door, looking back to ensure I got the message). She truly is my best friend and I wouldn't trade her for the world.
Amy Hancock
Atlanta, MI