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Kitten seeks mercy

One frigid February morning, my co-worker asked if I would take a cat that needed a home. I already had two and told her I could not. But she told me that the cat had been locked in a basement for months, and then thrown out after it killed the owners 'pet' toad, also kept in the basement. She said the kitten kept trying to get into the nearby church on Sunday mornings, trying to get someone's attention for help. I was incredulous that not one of of these church goers ever did help this helpless kitten. After hearing this story I agreed to get the kitten, but I would not be able to drive to the location for 3 days. My co-worker called the kitten's owner, who said the cat would be kept on the back porch until I could come. Naturally I assumed that by back porch she meant an enclosed heated shelter. I could not believe what I saw when I came three days later. On a freezing February morning with howling winds in southern Michigan, there was this tiny terrified kitten on an outside concrete porch step in a tiny wire cage. This kitten had to survive like this for three days, exposed to the cold and wind with no protection. When I opened the cage, the kitten climbed to the top of my shoulder, desperate for help. I did not attempt to confront the owner because I was so angry I did not know what I might do. So I grabbed the cat and left. She is sweet and quirky, and still has multiple issues from her early dismal treatment. But she is safe and loved furever now.

Linda C