Labor Day baby

On Labor Day 2004, my son found a newborn kitten. Her momma had been killed. My husband was bedridden by a stroke the year before but loved cats. He told him to bring it over to look at!

My son left it, so my husband told me to get on computer and find a recipe for kitty milk. We had everything to make it, so I eye-dropper-fed the tiny newborn baby every 2 hours, which was the same schedule for meds I had to crush up for him!

A few days later she was thriving and using a low litter contraption I made using an old cookie sheet. She would watch every move I made, had to taste everything I ate that was safe for cats.

Hhe just turned 18 on Labor Day. Her eyesight is getting bad, same with hearing, but I am so thankful for the years of pleasure she has given me since my husband’s passing 16 years ago.