Left For Dead

Our daughter is a vet tech in Houston, TX. She loves saving every animal she can get her hands on.

On May 7, 2021, a kind woman came to her clinic with a dog she found on the side of the road. The woman thought the dog was dead until the woman tried to move the dog off the road and the dog let our a whimper and moved. Once evaluated at the clinic, it was determined that this dog was dragged a long distance by a car and left for dead over 24 hours ago. The dog was to be put to sleep.

Our daughter went crazy saying "I'll take the dog! We can save her! I'll do whatever I can!" Her right front leg was shredded to the bone from shoulder to ankle. She had broken ribs. Tissue rot and infection was setting in. The dog also had such bad road-rash that she needed several surgeries to debride her necrotic tissue from her left side from her neck, down her leg and half way down her side.

Her first surgery was amputation. The right leg could not be saved. The next day, the dog was up, slowly, but up and meeting her team of surgeons and caretakers. They welcomed, and coaxed her with peanut butter. With wags and happy face, she was alive again.

Being that the dog made it through the surgery and did not have any ill feelings, our daughter said "She's mine. I'm taking her home!" Well, Cayden, Welsh for "Fighter," and that she is, is home with our daughter and her family. Cayden has gone through her other 2 surgeries and is happy. She has a 10-yr old Boxer-Brother and 2 People-Brothers. She loves all 3.

She loves to sit in the kitchen with her People-Daddy and watch him cook. You would think that after the trauma that this dog went through, she would be cautious and scared of everyone and everything. She has to wear her bandages for some time til she heals. The picture is Cayden with the Boxer-Brother May 18, 2021.

A daughter to be PROUD of!!

For Our Daughter, Christina - Love Mom n Dad