Left Out in the Cold

"Are you the Chihuahua rescuers?" asked the woman on our doorstep. She and her kids had been trying unsuccessfully to catch a loose Chihuahua in our neighborhood and our neighbors, knowing we had fostered dogs (mostly Chi and Chi mixes), directed her to our house. My husband heard the beginning of the conversation and was already at the door with crate in hand when I turned to call him. We jumped into the truck and arrived on scene just as the poor terrified baby had been caught with a blanket thrown over her. Good thing, because the temperature that December night would be below freezing, and at less than five pounds I shudder to think what may have happened to her! We brought her home and I sent my husband and our dog into the man cave (garage) while I set the open crate on the dining room floor with tasty treats leading out of the door and retreated to the family room. About half an hour later, this little sweetheart jumped onto the couch and into my heart. No collar, no chip, no response to the flyers I plastered all over. We think she had been dumped on that chilly December day, but she landed in her forever home where she has ruled the roost for the last eight years and will for hopefully many more!