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Life Saving Tortie cat

Way back in 2001, a calico mama dug under the fence from next door to where I lived and had her tiny baby with her. It had been a particularly rainy season in Virginia, lots of flooding and the baby had been born during one such bad rain. We always figured that mama kitty knew where her baby would be safe. Anyway, after a couple months of coming in the house every day long enough to feed her baby, mama cat finally weened her and off she went, leaving her kitten with us. We named this little cat Ruthless because she loved to attack plants, feet, curtains; you name it. After I got married in 2003, I moved into a home with my husband and with Ruth. I noticed that when I had low blood sugar during sleep (I am a type one diabetic), Ruth would tap my face, walk on me, or do some other thing to wake me up so I could eat and get my blood sugar back up. She did this many times and actually ended up saving my life on several occasions. We never taught her how to do that, and we always figured that she was thanking me for having saved her life by saving mine in return. So this amazing tortie cat who entered my life and was saved from the storms saved me from many a life storm in return. Sadly, she passed away in 2014 at only 11 years old from heart failure. We miss her every single day, and I will never, ever forget the little tortie who grew up to save my life multiple times over.

Debra L.