Little Dog with Big Love

I had just returned a rescued shepherd mix after realizing she just was not the right dog for me and I was feeling very sad. I had grown up with German Shepherd Dogs and had recently lost our shepherd/lab mix. I thought the only dog for me would be a big one. My distant friend happened to call that day and seemed surprised to hear that I had been looking for a dog. She asked if I would be interested in an Italian Greyhound that her sister no longer wanted. She explained because her sister traveled he was boarded quite often and then misbehaved when she would bring him home. I have had Binky 2 years now and even though he is a toy dog he has TONS of love to share! He adores giving kisses and snuggling up under the covers at night. He follows me around when I am home and hops into my lap as soon as I sit down. Who knew that such a little guy would bring such joy to our household? Now I am convinced that small dogs can be just as perfect a pet as large ones!
Leslie Withoelter
Saint Charles, MO