Loving Coco

While volunteering at a Street Fair, a caravan arrived late with dogs up for adoption. It was Sparky and the Gang Animal Rescue from Long Beach, Ca. and they’d gotten lost. I alerted security and we escorted them through the busy streets to their location. Later in the day, I noticed a pen with a dozen dogs, all excited and jumping and wanting to be picked up…all except for one. She was lying in the middle with her head on the ground, her huge eyes looking up at me. I was told she had three pups the day she was rescued and that they had just separated them. She looked so sad .I came back later and asked if I could hold her. She looked up at me and licked my nose. Later in the day, she was still there. At the end of the day, I asked to hold her again and couldn't put her back down. I believe we rescued each other that day. I've been caring for elderly parents with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and it has taken its toll. Now Coco comes along and everyone at the facility looks forward to seeing her and visiting. The love she receives from me is now being passed along to others. Everyone’s eyes just light up when they see Coco. With Christmas upon us, I put up a tree in the living room, a new experience for her I’m sure. Coco loves her toys so much and now brings me ornaments from the tree during the day, toys for me I’m guessing. Her favorite activity is walking in the evenings at the Marina. It’s a magical time. She gets me out for some exercise and we both make new friends. Rescuing Coco was wonderfully life altering.... for us both.
Susan Moy
San Pedro, CA