Maverick's Rescue

I went to our local Humane Society to adopt a dog for a companion for my other dog. I found a white German Shepard and thought, "This the one I want!" I went home to wait the proper time and when I came back, the lady I was working with told me a couple had come in and asked about the white German Shepard. They had a little girl that fell in love with him and he in return with her. They asked if I would be willing to let him go. How can you say, "No," to a nine year old child. So I let him go with her. I went back inside to find a different dog. As I walked into the room, this chocolate lab jumped up on the gate and began licking my hand. He was so sweet I just couldn't refuse. I was told the dog had been abused and was thrown over the fence at the Humane Society and was found in the morning. His injury was his right hind leg. All they could do was let it heal by itself and watch him close. He wasn't adoptable for another week, cause they have to give the owner a chance to come back and claim him! No, I thought! But the call came thru at week's end, I could adopt him. I immediately went to pick him up. It took him a good six months to trust any male since he was abused by a male. But he has been with me for six years now and has found out all people aren't abusive. He is right at the door to greet me when I come home and treats my grandchildren like precious treasures. Maverick now knows what a good life is all about!
Menasha, WI