Mavis, my itty, bitty, pretty, kitty...

Mavis was adopted from the Taylor Animal Shelter on July 2, 2018. She’s 4 years old, mostly black, with some white hairs on her chest and stomach. She’s such a goofy cat, she makes me laugh, at her antics, every day.

One time, I guess she was feeling ignored. I was sitting on the edge of my mattress, with my elbows on my knees reading an article on my phone. She climbed up my back, sat on my neck and swished her tail in my face. I laughed and put the phone down to play with her.

We bought her a cat bed, the next morning I found her sleeping on the floor, in front of her bed. She had never had her own bed before, so my husband helped her understand that it was her bed. Now she sleeps in it all the time.

She likes to walk back and forth on the edge of the bathtub and play peek-a-boo with me, when I shower. She keeps me entertained every day.

Please consider adopting a shelter animal, they are so grateful to become a part of your family.

Linda (Allgeyer) Hautala
Taylor, MI