Me, Too?

They were going to the pound, but I convinced my housekeeper to bring them by our house first. They came to us in a box. When opened, one black kitten ran out and yowled and my husband said he wanted her because she was a spitfire. The other hid in the back of the dark box. Then I heard a tiny voice say, "Me, Too?" and louder, "ME TOO!" I pulled out the tiniest little bundle of black fur I'd ever seen - the runt of the litter. He flipped over on his back in my hands and purred. "Please, Hon, can't I have this one?" I asked. We took them both and that's the beginning of the most wonderful cat I've ever had. He has been with me now 12 years and he monitors my every moment. He has guided me through cancer, COPD, AVN, and numerous nasty surgeries. He wakes me in the morning with a kiss on the lips and a purry "Mum, Mum, Mum." He lays with me when I hurt and walks to the bathroom with me at night. He knows when I am tired and nags me to nap. He knows when I have insomnia and he sits on the pillow by my head and strokes my face with his paw. He is my guide, my guard, and my soul. I have never been as cared for as I have by this cat. My MeTu.
Kjysten Drew
Ferndale, WA