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Mean cat

After my recent cat passed away (RIP), I didn’t want another cat for awhile. Well, 1 month later , I didn’t like not having a cat not greeting me @ the door. That’s the best medicine for a rough day. As always, humane society of course. I used to volunteer there. I walked in stated “ I want the cat that’s been here the longest. I seen one cat in the play room, I asked “ why is that cat by itself?” I was told she didn’t get along w/other cats. No one wanted her because of that. Well, taking care & spaying/neutering strays for over 30 yrs, I said, "She’s mine now." They didn’t have enough people to show otherwise. She’d been there all of 2 years, lonely. I named her Socksee; she was the best cat, she loved to snuggle, play, sleep w/me, best traveled cat by car or plane, she loved it. I taught her how to be w/other cats, yes, it took awhile, but she prevailed. She was a mama’s girl 100%. I miss her dearly, but she’s having fun at the R.Bridge waiting for me. It’s been over a year, so Monday I’m going to take home my oldest stray I’ve been taking care of for 7 years. Moral of this story, don’t believe everything people tell you! She was a lover! It just took a bit; once she was out of there, all she did was please me.

Pamela Hovanec