Meet Kiki, our first stray cat.

Six years ago we were sitting outside enjoying the spring weather when we spotted a teenage calico cat going towards a large wooden crate we transformed into an indoor cat kitchen where there was always water, milk, & dry & canned cat food available for the feral cats in the neighborhood. She was new to the neighborhood & seemed friendlier than the others. For a week she would sleep outside our door at night , waiting for morning when I would refill the dishes. I was allergic to cats when I was younger &, having dogs, wasn't looking for another pet. Sunday night after the end of that 1st week it turned cold & rainy. We felt sorry for her so we took her inside & found out she was very friendly. I knew my husband would finally give in so in my car I already had a litter box, litter, flea & tick shampoo & food. The first thing we did was give her a bath which left a few scratches on our arms but she settled in quite nicely. We posted a cat found ad & looked for any cats missing ads but none came up, so after a few weeks, we took her to the vet for her shots & had her spayed. She must have been someones pet because she was so sweet & loved to be petted. She's still with us today & rules the house.

Debi Martin
Mukwonago, WI