Midori with the heterochromatic eyes

On a quick trip to the vet for a nail trim for our Amazon the vet assistant asked how we were doing, as we had recently lost both our cats only a month apart (both in their 20's-for different reasons). I told her we were fine but the house seemed so empty. She said "You know, we just had several cats come in that were surrendered from a breeder/hoarder..." Absolutely not, I told her, we really weren't ready. One of the cats had been my companion since I was 15 years old and I was still crushed over her loss. She said, she understood, then suggested she bring one in while we were waiting, just to give her some time out of the kennel. I said no, but she knew how this was going to play out; my kids overruled me and she brought her in. The little white and gold cat was a Japanese Bobtail, just like my 23 year old cat had been and the resemblance was uncanny. We petted her and cradled her, marvellling over the resenblance. By the time our bird was ready we also had a new cat! We named her Midori, for green in Japanese, like one of her eyes. She has heterochromia, different colored eyes. We call her Dori for short, and we love her sweet disposition and I know she appreciates being given a loving forever home.
Casselberry, FL