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Mila and Lupi

After losing my beloved boxer in 2015 to multiple cancers, only weeks off his 11th birthday, my shelter rescue Fifi and l were very lonely. 5 months later, a small pincher mix on a German rescue site caught my eye. Already 10 years old, with a crooked little upper jaw and skewed hind leg, nobody wanted her. I fell in love with that little face, and so Mila joined us all the way from Slovakia. 2 years later (2017), my large rescue Fifi passed away during the night at the age of 14 and again we were both heart-sore. Until our little tri-colour Lupi, from Italy via a Swiss rescue organisation joined us in July the same year. These 2 former street dogs bonded after 3 days, have been inseparable ever since, and are the joy of their mom every day. Please adopt a shelter or rescue organisation older pet. They are the most grateful animals! At almost 15 and almost 9 they are, despite health issues of Lupi (leishmaniasis, for which he gets treated), in brilliant shape and ready for new adventures every day!

Basel, Switzerland