Miss Baglady was my first calico cat, born on 03/17,1995. She was an awesome cat. She saved my life one night as I was resting. She pounced on my chest several times and calmed my heartbeat down. Back then, we didn't hear about service animals. I went to my heart doctor and told him what happened; he said I was very lucky to have her, she saved my life! I named her miss Baglady because, when I sold Avon and my order came in, she would sit on the bags that I had to fill. I loved her so very much. I miss her, but I know she is at the rainbow bridge, and playing with all of the animals there. We lived in Schenectady, N.Y. at the time, then we moved to Marshfield, M.O. One of my sons drove us, and she took the trip very well. I had to call the vet several months later; she wasn't acting right. They said they were filled up; I said this was an emergency. We drove over there, and Miss Baglady passed away in my arms, in the car. Once we went inside the vet's, there was no one there at all. I know I will see Miss Baglady again someday. What I reunion we will have!

Janice Sheehan