Miss Kitty

When we moved into our townhouse there were a few feral cats around. One in particular came around often to our back door looking for food. After hearing a cat fight in the night we decided to try to trap the cat and have it neutered and given shots. It turned out to be a female and after her visit to the vet she was returned to our yard and her territory. We made a bed for her under the loveseat outdoors and she started to use it off and on. Well, after 13years, she still comes to us for food and often uses her bed. She won't let us any nearer than 3 feet . She has survived many cold cold winters, even this winter with 10 degrees below zero. She showed up today after being gone for over a week and we were thrilled. She is remarkable but we worry as she is getting older now and the cold is hard on her. She is free though, and healthy. We love her so much from afar.

sue marines