Miss you Jerry!!

On August 25,2012 my dog Jerry died of kidney failure from Lyme Nephritis. I was devastated, I loved him more than anything! I started looking on Petfinder to rescue another dog after a week, thinking that would make me happy again. I knew I wasn't ready yet, so I was thinking about fostering again instead of adopting. On September 25 I ended up on Facebook page of a high kill shelter in GA. I knew what I had to do. One month from the day I lost my baby I started a rescue in his memory. I named it "Jerry's Angels". I saved two dogs that day and another three a week later. Five dogs got a second chance because of my love for my dog. Two have been adopted, one is in a foster home, and I have two in my house. I received some donations to help me but basically I funded everything out of my pocket. Each dog costs between $800-$900 before they are ready to be adopted. My bank account might be empty, but my heart is full again. :) Now I recently adopted my own dog from Tennessee. She arrives in New Jersey on Sunday 11/11/12. She is a 15 week old puppy beautiful Great Dane, St. Bernard, Great Pyrenees mix. I can't wait for her to get here! I think Jerry would be proud that I rescued six dogs in the last month and a half in his memory, because he was a rescue himself. I love you more than anything Jerry, and I will continue to rescue dogs in his memory and find them great homes. Maybe not six in a month, I can't keep that up financially, but I will save as many as I can. :)
Laurie Davis
Newfoundland, NJ