My 1st rescue...Peaches

I had recently lost my Pebbles to cancer. She was the first to go from my original 3 dog pack. We were definitely not ready to find another dog for our family because of our heartbreak.

But looking out of my office window one day, I saw a neighbors pitbull outside & he looked so sad. It was like he was telling me to go rescue a dog and give him/her a beautiful life like Pebbles had.

So I decided to go to a nearby shelter not knowing what I was looking for. (it was my 1st time adopting & I didn’t tell my husband yet) When I walked in, I looked around.

I wanted to adopt all of them of course, but as I turned the corner, I saw her: a Jack Russell mix. She was the one. I felt an instant connection.

She was extremely skinny and very dirty. Her ribs were visible & she had the saddest eyes, but when she looked at me, they lid up a bit. I immediately adopted her & introduced her to the pack & surprised my husband.

She instantly become my dog & I was her person. She fit right in to our family. I gave her so much love &cuddles . She was amazing. My little shadow. We went for walks, had ice scream and lots of kisses.

Unfortunately, I only had her for 3.5 short years. She passed from an aggressive uterus cancer. Even though I had her for so little, she will be in my heart forever.

I know it was fate. We were meant to be together. And I thank that sad pitbull for making me adopt!!! Because of Peaches, I will continue to adopt & save lives. We will forever miss you Peaches!! But I know we will cuddle once again.