My Feral Black Cat

There was this feral black cat that found her way to my house. Having pity upon her I began to feed her....for 4 years. As the years went by she trusted me enough to let me pet her, yet even though there were times when it got bitterly cold, she would let me pick her up, but she would panic when I brought her inside the house. I would let her return to where ever it was she was finding shelter. On March 8, 2010 I had a massive heart attack. I was in the hospital for just short of a month after having quadruple bypass and the subsequent recovery. I was concerned about the black cat so I had asked my son to make sure there was food and water out for her while I was gone. I live alone, but on my first day home and out of the hospital, the front door was open and there appearing at my screen door was that black cat meowing to beat the band. I got up, and did the "Tim Conway old man walk" to the door and opened it...She came right in and stayed. I am convinced the Lord and that feral black cat knew I was in dire need of a faithful friend. We are the best of buds. She still hides when anyone comes over, but she never hides from me! This rescue worked out great for the both of us! God Bless, and thank you for letting me share! =o) ~Mike Childers
Mike Childers
North Little Rock, AR