I was a novice when I ‘adopted’ my first kitty off the streets. (I had no idea what a ‘litterbox’ was and kept wondering why she wandered off the grass when I took her out to do her business.) Sadly, years later, Truffles was hit by a car leaving me inconsolable and devastated. Many months passed and while visiting the local chain pet store, I saw a little kitty with a deformed foot. I told myself if she was still there in a few days, I would take her because who would take care of a disabled kitty better than me ? Then Hurricane Wilma hit. As soon as the roads cleared, I went back to the pet store to keep my promise – but she had been adopted. Lilly was the only one left. So I adopted her ! At the time, I had two boy kitties who were not exactly pals. Chin Chin was very attached to me and Percival to my late Truffles. I thought Lilly would be a good ‘match’ for Percival. As soon as I brought her into the house, she sat in the first shelf of the bookcase. Percival ran right over to her and gazed at her with stars in his wide open eyes. It was love at first sight ! My boys have passed over the rainbow bridge, but Lilly is still with me. Always, the peace-maker and calming influence, she would jump in front of me meowing and rubbing if I was upset or anxious. She is older now, arthritic and kidney-challenged, but I am so very grateful to still have her in my life. Very often, I will gaze at her with stars in my eyes and my heart filled with love.
Lake Worth, FL