My little Angel - Adam

Adam was a rescue from a puppy mill, he was kept in a small carrier for a bit over 1 year, he was let outside to potty and back into his carrier. The breeder passed away suddenly and the animals were left to the spouse who really did not want to deal with the animals. My brother was informed about the situation and he adopted a Chihuahua and could not resist Adam's beautiful face and tender eyes. I had lost my Yorkie of 13 years to Cancer and thought I could never have another pet as the pain of loosing Chauncey was nearly unbearable, until I met Adam. Adam was so pitifull in his behavior, he cowered away from people, could not walk on a leash, spun circles over and over again before entering through a door, he would not eat with anyone near him and now not only has he regained the trust of a human, he reopened my heart to love again. He is the most precious gift I have ever recieved and I am thankful every day that Adam has accepted me as his life long friend and companion. Adam just turned 10 years old and is a very happy, healthy and playful little person and is one of the most important parts of my life!
Orlando, FL