My Prince has come.

In February of this year, in horrible winter weather conditions, my husband lost his 4-year battle with cancer. When I drove home from the hospital, a cat moved into my garage. I was sure I couldn't keep him because I have a rescued Silky Terrier who is 12 and has the condition called protein-losing disease. She requires prescription dog food. So I called the animal control officer (no kill). He dropped off a crate and live trap after about a week. I had started feeding him to keep him around, and he began talking to me and kept getting friendlier. Finally he came out for petting. After another week the animal control officer sent his daughter to pick up the cat. By then, Prince was so friendly I thought I could just pick him up and put him into the car; he always came when I called him and was wanting to be petted. When she came, he didn't come out from hiding or make a sound all the while she was there, but came out immediately as she was backing out of the driveway. I just picked him up and put him into the house. He'd obviously never been in a house before because he hid for 2 days. I couldn't even find him at first. When he came out to eat and use the litter box he left no trace. The only I've heard him hiss was when Daiquiri thought she would try his food. She never tried again. He's never growled. I took him to the vet to get his shots and make an appointment for neutering; the vet said he had to be 4-5 years old. The neighbors told me they'd been leaving food out for him but couldn't pet him. Over the years I had only seen him once at a distance up our road; at that time he was carrying one leg. He loves my silky terrier, Daiquiri, but she's not as trusting of him. He's very gentle with her and I'm starting to see her coming around. They're both everywhere I am. He's still very afraid of other people. Prince never tries to go outside. He just seems to have chosen my home as his and has completely settled in. He comes when called, loves petting, playing with toys and getting brushed. In the night he checks on me from time to time while lying on a little bench nest to me. Once early in the morning he kept pestering me and wouldn't quit. I stood up and found I was very shaky. I checked my blood sugar and found it was low. He must have realized I was in trouble. He's a wonderful cat, and is even just starting to trust other people.

Ginny Strobl