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My Rescue Cat

A friend of mine, Ivy, told me about a cat that desperately needed a new home. She was trying to help find this neutered, declawed, black cat, named “Church,” a home. The owner was having her boyfriend move in with her, and for whatever reason, it was decided that her two cats had to go. Her mother, Ivy’s friend, Peggy took one cat. She lives in a senior apartment and is only allowed to have one cat. Peggy’s daughter, was about to put the other, black cat, Church, out in the street, so I ended up saying that I’d try to find him a new home. That was 2 months ago and.... he’s still here. He’s very affectionate. I ended up putting a blue collar on him so I could distinguish him from my other “itty, bitty, pretty, black, kitty,” Pip, whom I adopted from our local animal shelter in July of 2018. I have a pink collar on her. I can’t say that the cats have become friends, that may never happen, as Pip doesn’t really get along with other cats. The fur flies less frequently now, so there is some progress being made. I have seen them nose to nose checking each other out. Just as I was writing this, another cat squabble ensued. I keep a spray bottle handy to end those fights quickly. I couldn’t believe that his former owner was going to throw this defenseless, house cat out on the street! What is wrong with her!!! He’s 4 years old, or so I was told, and has now been in 4 different homes, with 4 different owners. It appears as if he’s found his furever home now, here with me. We have a Westie too, named, Schotzy. Church appears to get along better with her. He has even given Schotzy head butts, which Schotzy doesn’t seem to mind. Between having a white ghost dog and two black cats, we are all set for Halloween!

Linda Hautala