My rescue dogs, Xanthus and Rayya

On my way to work one day in July 2005, I noticed a forlorn yellow lab/chow mix standing beside the road near some railroad tracks. I pulled over and retrieved my handy leash and collar from the trunk. However, when I approached him, he ran away from me on the railroad tracks. I followed him for about 30 minutes. He kept just far enough away that I could not reach him, but would stop and look back at me. Finally, he let me catch up and slip the collar and leash on. Xanthus was the most joyful, loving and happy dog ever. He never met a person he did not like. August 2009, our neighbors persuaded us to foster, Rayya, a hound mix, just for a couple weeks until her adoption went through. Eight months later, on the day Rayya passed her Canine Good Citizen test, we failed as foster parents and adopted her. She was Xanthus’ pesky little sister and always curled up with him. Unfortunately, Xanthus died of cancer almost two years ago. We still miss him terribly.
Chris Chato
Durham, NC