My Romeo

In 2003, I lost my 20 yr old Persian Jenny to kidney disease. I had Jenny since she was a kitten and was devastated. After about a month, I looked on Petfinder and saw a 1 yr old long-haired tuxedo boy. The foster said that he loved to "make biscuits" on her which is what Jenny used to do. I went to meet him and gently stroked him while quietly chatting with the foster. Eventually, he rolled over for me to pet his belly and looked up at me as if to say "Are you going to be my Mommy?". We locked eyes and that was it. I took him home that day. I named him Romeo because he was the most loving fur baby I ever met. Everyone who saw us together remarked on how much we obviously adored each other. About a month ago, at age 15, Romeo developed an upper respiratory infection. We immediately took him to emergency care and did everything possible. I spent a week by his side as he bravely fought but unfortunately, his little body couldn't make it. He went to the Rainbow Bridge and I miss him every day. I am so grateful to have found my sweet Romeo. Rescue kitties are the very best. He definitely rescued me!
Laura Ray
Alexandria, VA