My Sadie girl

We had the extreme pleasure of having Sadie in our lives for 10 years. Sadie was a Boston Terrier who came into our lives in the Summer of 2006. She was supposed to be my spouse's dog but Sadie and I bonded closely. She was my constant companion from building a deck to relaxing in my recliner. She loved to ride in my pickup truck and would run to the door every time I was leaving in the hopes of being able to ride with me. She loved to play in the yard, chasing anything that I would throw for her. I loved coming home from work and see here run from her bed to the door with her back end wiggling back and forth, she never failed to greet me like that until she got too sick. Sadie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the Fall of 2016, we were devastated, I cried constantly in the Vet's office and on the way home too. I miss her terribly and often consider getting another Boston, but no other dog could ever replace my Sadie girl.
Jim Bilbrey