My Skinny Mama

It was September 2018 and I was volunteering at our local Humane Society. Hurricane Florence was heading our way and the shelter was trying to get all the animals into foster care in case the storm hit us. I called my husband and asked if we could "foster" this very skinny charcoal calico who was oh-so-sweet. She had just arrived at the shelter and had given birth to six kittens who had nursed on her too long. The kittens were now in foster care, but she was up for adoption. He reluctantly agreed to foster her for "four days only". Well, you all know the ending to that story. Once at our home, she strolled out of the carrier, took a tour of our home and settled in. She slept between us that night and has done so ever since. She's my beautiful Katie Ann. Katie was her name in the shelter and Ann was the middle name I gave her in memory of my Mom who had passed away in April. She is our little love bug who stole our hearts immediately!

Rosemary Longueira