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My sweet Norton

My previous dog Matilda, the love of my life, had suddenly died in December of 2006, but I didn't feel ready to start looking for a new pooch until January of 2008. At that time, I started dipping my toe back in the rescue world and looking at Petfinder on-line. Then I received an email from my then-boyfriend (now husband) Brad. His friend LaSonia had found a little dog at an apt complex she was visiting and brought it home for safekeeping. She had been able to track down the poochie's owners, but they didn't want him back. Brad forwarded me the email thinking that I might know someone who would want a dog. That someone turned out to be me. We went and picked up Norton that next Saturday and brought him home. He turned out to be about 7 months old, with long hair, and a male. I had always said how I didn't want a puppy, and liked short-haired, dark-colored female dogs (like Matilda had been). Apparently, the universe had a different idea on the perfect dog for Brad & me. 12 years later, we still adore our long-haired, fawn-colored, male chihuahua Norton. He has had success as a pet therapy dog at an area nursing home and he brings joy to our lives every single day.

Carolyn Clark