Neko Leaves the City and Takes Possession of an Aircraft Hangar

I'd been taking Japanese lessons in the city for years. After two weeks absence, I pulled into the parking lot, noticed plastic dishes by the cultural society's front door. "You will see," said a teacher when I asked. Sure enough, a lean young tiger cat dashed up the sidewalk, as if on cue. For two weeks, he'd stationed himself by the front door patiently waiting for visitors, begging food and entry. I knew he might not survive another week, given the heavy traffic just yards away. So, he rode home to our orchard fly-in neighborhood 30 miles away, that evening. In short, for eight years he has faithfully guarded our home's 3,600 foot aircraft hangar as if it were his own. He's fought off raccoons, attacked intruding dogs regardless of size, and delivered to our doorstep a great assortment of rodents (intact but always missing ears and scalp). At the same time, he loves children. Recently, when we brought him an understudy and got our first dog in 20 years, he slowly grew to accept both as playmates. He is a glutton for both human and animal companionship, it turns out. And, a fine part of our family!
Andy Shane
Granbury, TX