Ninja, my bush baby.

I work in South Korea and have two cats at my parents' home in South Africa. I absolutely adore them and never thought of getting a cat over here. That all changed a little more than a month ago. A typhoon was about to hit and I quickly left my apartment with chicken to put out for cats, when a little black shadow ran into an alley next to my building. I went to have a closer look only to see two shiny eyes. He ate the chicken but kept hissing at me so I let him be. I went back to find him but no luck. I looked for him everyday until one night he was casually sitting next to a bush. He ran under a car and I did my best to get him out but still no luck. I knew more rain would come so I prayed for him to be alright. After a day or so the sun came out and I was right back out there searching for him, talking softly and calling for him. He came out form under a bush and ate but wouldn't let me touch him. We did this for a few days, me calling him out from under the bush and him meowing loudly when he heard me, him eating and me trying to touch him. Finally i could! He didn't mind it that much. I could even pick him up real fast and saw that he was a boy. One day I decided, it's now or never. I took a towel, wrapped him up, ran up the stairs and took him to the vet. The vet said he's a healthy boy of about 4-5 months. I was scared that he will be too feral to live with me but as soon as I held him close, he tried to suckle my neck and made little baby noises. He still loves his kisses and cuddles. I love this little boy so much and his name, Ninja, suits him perfectly. He can disappear in two seconds.

Suncheon, Korea, Republic of