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Ocean rescue

My husband and I used to take our karate class to the ocean beach during the summer for beach training. One year, with the car back seat full of coolers and food supplies, and my husband in front with his Peke dog, we saw a dog straddling the double yellow line of the 2-lane highway, looking completely panicked. I recalled a friend living in the southwest telling me how she’d picked up strays by the side of the highway, and I realized I could not let this dog go. I pulled over to the side of the road, to the concern of my husband and the dog, and beckoned the dog to come over. She looked at me with the expression on her face saying – really? Really?? I told her to come, and she bounded over and jumped in the back seat. With the help of one of our students, we bathed and fed her, and I tried to find her home nearby, but nothing. I’m pretty sure she’d had puppies a while back and either jumped from the back of a truck or was abandoned. This started one of the greatest love affairs of my life. I named her Ocean for her husky-blue eyes and where I found her. She was my first dog, and taught me more than I can ever repay. She got along with everyone, dogs, cats, people – her heart was pure and all love. She died over 3 years ago, but she still lives fully in my heart.