One of God's Little Angels

Tabby, wondered into the Low Income Housing Complex I manage very thin, weak,undernourished and pregnant. Despite her physical condition she was very gentle and extremely affectionate. I made an appointment for her with my veterinarian. After a few weeks of getting food into her so was strong enough she was spayed, given her shots and treated with Front Line. Some of the residents pitched in to help me with the veterinarian expenses. The owner of the complex gave me permission for Tabby to stay. She now sports a new collar for her rabies and city tag. Tabby is now our resident therapy cat plus rodent control officer. She wonders the complex every day visiting the residents putting big smiles on their faces. Everyone has fallen in love with her. When the residents come to the office the first thing they say is, "Where is Tabby?" Every night she comes home with me to spend the night and plays with my cats. She is truly one of God's little angels.
Shirley McKay
Green Forest, AR