Our Miracle Baby

To start off my husband was a truck driver. And he always seemed to find babies that needed us. One day he brought home this fully starved 1 year old tortoiseshell Siamese. She had everything wrong with her you could imagine. I took her to the Vet the next day. They gave her fluids, dewormed her got rid of her ear mites. I had got rid of her flees the night before. The vet and I talked about how to care for her. And I went home with Prayers in my heart. She didn't think she would make it. Ying weighed 2 pounds and she was a year old. I had to give her lomatil for her diarrhea. And she could not keep any food down. Each day I would try feeding her thing baby food rice cereal, and stuff that would be easy on her stomach. One day I was reading online. They said if your cat could not keep anything on her stomach to feed her Pumpkin. So that night my husband brought some home. She loved it. I suppose she would love anything that would make her feel better. So between the Lomatil and the pumpkin we got her to stop losing weight. Two weeks later she was six pounds. All of her scars were healing and her fur as growing back in. To say the least my husband is an angel. He brought other kitties home but none of them were as bad off as Ying. She sleeps with us each night and she is so Pretty. I have included Before and after pictures ... She is our Miracle.
Gardena, CA