Our One Eye Throwaway German Shepherd.

We adopted a one-eyed German Shepherd that was left in the California desert to die. A wonderful man, who waited until she was ready to come to him, rescued her and gave her to Suzanna to foster until she found another wonderful gal, Lulu, in our state of Washington. Suzanna graciously brought her up to Lulu in Washington and she found her way to our home. We were looking for a nice German Shepherd who liked cats to be a companion to our other adopted German Shepherd, who also came from California. Our girl Sweet Pea is just the best possible companion to Wulf Gar, who is 11 years old. They love each other so much, they do everything together. We don't know why someone would ditch these beautiful dogs in the desert to die. We cannot thank Suzanna and Lulu enough for the effort that was made to rescue our KIDS. Thank You so much for the love we have gotten from both of them.

Michele Coviello