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Parvo puppy saved

Our family took in a puppy, abandoned with the worse case of belly worms I have ever seen. When treating her for that, my husband, having lost puppies to Parvo in the past, could smell a distinct odor coming out of this puppy. We took it to the vet and sure enough (Parvo) in the first stage. We were able to catch it before there were visible symptoms because of the smell. If the animal is still running a fever, the chance of survival increases. Not having the money to hospitalize the pup I had the vet tech. administer the first treatment 3 shots and received instructions - 2 iv bags, 3 shots, 2 for the stomach, 1 antibiotic. Armed with bleach and water spray bottle and a dependable washing machine we went to work. She went from 16lbs. when we started all the way to 8 lbs. before we saw any improvement. It took a lot of love determination and praying. Keep in mind my husband is afraid of needles and we had to administer 5 shots a day plus an I.V needle twice a day. He rocked her, sang to her and did laundry all day long he played 24 hour nurse maid while I worked and I was nurse when I wasn't working to give him a break. I am proud to announce she is 2 years old healthy, happy and just had 9 healthy puppies. We are getting her spayed as soon as the puppies are wiened. They already have homes. her pregnancy was not an accident. And most Importantly our other dog (also rescued)did not contract the virus because she was VACCINATED.

clarkston, WA