Pawz & her babies

Firstly, we have six indoor recue cats of our own. About three months ago a sweet little kitty (we named her Pawz) made our backyard her home. Discovered she belonged to the neighbors behind us. She was thin, so we felt compelled to feed her. She was there everyday. She lets us hold her and pet her, she is very sweet. A month ago we noticed she was pregnant. Went to tell the neighbors only to find out they moved and new people lived there. They left this precious, pregnant cat behind; alone and outside. We then knew we'd been adopted by Pawz. We ordered an insulated, waterproof outdoor house for her hoping she would take to it and birth her babies in it. Sunday while she ate breakfast we readied our spare bedroom so she could give birth in a safe environment. We were going to bring her in when she came for dinner but she never came back that day or for breakfast Monday. We were so worried. My husband worked from home Monday; saw her on our deck and took food out for her and noticed she was no longer pregnant. So after she ate, he followed her to see if she would show him where her babies were. He found they were inside another neighbor's shed. So with their permission, we recued Pawz and her four sweet day old babies. We put her new house inside the bedroom and she took to it immediately, nursing and warming her babies. She has since moved them under the bed. We will have her spayed at the appropriate time and she is now in her forever home. Our vet is going to aide us in placing the kittens to good homes. It will be a challenge to meld her in our six cat fold but she will be fine. She is definitely ours now. I am grateful to my husband for his perseverance in the FL heat AND rain to follow Pawz so we could ensure she and her babies were safe. I am sure Pawz is grateful too.

Deltona, FL