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We weren't planning on adopting another dog as we had a 15 year old beagle, a 10 year old yorkie, and a 2 year Papillon - all rescues. I always follow and am subscriber to many animal rescue sites. I saw Pepper on a beagle rescue site, and then he appeared on Channel 9 Petsaver. I just knew we had to save him. He was purchased as a baby by original owners, then at the age of 15 surrendered because he was left alone most of the time. He also has some health issues, which he is on meds for and doing well. Our 15 year old beagle was blind, we also had her from a baby as well, she had dementia and her muscles were failing. The rescue brought Pepper to our home to meet and it was instant bonding for all of us. We adopted him in January 2020, and he was like a seeing eye dog for our Delilah and she would follow him down the steps and outside. He is such a good boy; we just love him so much and are so happy we can give him lots of love and attention for as long as he is with us. Sadly we had to euthanize our Delilah in May and it was so very painful and heartbreaking. Pepper has shown so much love and has helped ease the pain of losing our Delilah. He is constantly by my side and comforts me when I am sad missing Delilah. We believe he was sent to us because we would be losing our Delilah a few months later. He is truly a blessing.

Maryrose Hosier