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Poor Kitty

That was the heading on the Facebook post on my news feed. Someone was looking to re-home this Russian Blue because its owner had left the country and had planned on returning in a few weeks. She didn’t. After a year the neighbors, who were the caretakers, felt really terrible about this cat because he was so needy and would whine and rub against them every time they entered the house. Which was just once a week. To feed and water him and two other cats, and clean out the litter boxes. They finally convinced the owner to allow them to find a new home for him. She relented, and I snapped him up. That was 4 years ago. We renamed him Misha and he’s MY cat. He follows me around the house like a puppy and insists I brush him whenever I sit. He sleeps at the foot of my bed and is constantly talking to me about just something. He has settled in really well with our 3 dogs and other rescue cat. That is, our other cat barely tolerates him because she was here first. He has such a charming personality! It pains me to know that he went so long without human interaction. We’re making up for it!