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I was outside after a very big storm when I heard this tiny little meowing. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from at first but eventually noticed this tiny grayish soaking wet ball of fur under a car. I had seen an adult female cat with other kittens under the house across the road and so I put the kitten near the opening of where I had seen them go in (I was trying to lure them all out to see if they had an owner). He was having none of it and chased after me as fast as his tiny feet would carry him. I put him back two more times since he was so tiny and while I have hand fed many puppies I had only fed a few kittens by hand and was hoping his momma would come out. He was clearly very young and still wobbly on his feet. After the third time of chasing me I scooped him up and really took a look at him. He was so skinny and dehydrated his skin was just hanging there and it was like I was holding a sack of bones. His gums were white instead of pink and he just sounded so weak after I picked him up. I decided then and there to bring him home with me. I put some kitten milk in a saucer to see if he was able to eat it on his own. He was kind of but not enough for me to trust it. The picture is of after he dunked his face into the saucer and gave me his first kitten glare. I fed him and wrapped him up in a blanket to let him warm up and he immediately went to sleep. I later gave him a bath and the grayish kitten I found was actually a snow white kitten covered in dirt and fleas. My vet said he likely wouldn't have lasted another few days with the amount of fleas that were on him. He is now a healthy happy mischievous one year old.

Hazard, KY