Pretty Yannie

I first met Yannie at an adoption event and it was love at first sight. First, I saw only her back but when I saw her face, despite her crippled ear, her tearing eyes, I thought she was the most beautiful kitty in the world! But she was sick, so lethargic, and was sneezing a lot. I had to think again before adopting a sick cat since I had just put my 20+ years old beloved Millie to sleep after 19 years of companionship, with the last 5 years caring for her with medication for several medical conditions. But Yannie kept being on my mind, so I called the lady who had rescued her from a high kill rate shelter in Georgia and she was still available. With appropriate vet care, months later, she went over her URI, the worst case of ear mites my vet had ever seen, ringworm, and got her herpes virus under control. Her sweet personality was never affected by all those health issues and she became my husband's girlfriend. Yannie didn't like other cats but she compensated with all the love she could give to us, and every human she would meet. She definitely was a people cat and would not accept being ignored, she always had to be the center of attention. Two years after we moved back to Canada, she started having health problems. After a couple of months of blood work and several vet appointments, an ultra sound test showed that she had a big tumor attached to her stomach. That day I went to the vet with a kitty in a carrier and came back with an empty carrier... Sooo heartbreaking! But I know I made the right decision, no more suffering for that beautiful soul. She was about 8. We will never forget our Yannie and all the love and wonderful years she gave us. I'm so glad we gave her a second chance, she paid us so much in return with love and laughter.
Denise Bellefleur
Williamstown, Canada