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Pushed out of a car in Indianapolis

Man gets Malamute. Then man gets girlfriend. Man marries girlfriend. Wife realizes how much fur the Malamute sheds. Wife says she is taking dog to rescue. Man says OK. Wife takes dog but instead pushes dog out of car in Indianapolis. Dog runs wild for two weeks and is finally picked up. Dog is transferred to Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue. Dog is chipped and NLSDR calls man. Man says to keep dog. NLSDR thought dog was old since she had trouble walking. Since she had very long fur and ran wild for two weeks her fur became very tangled. When she moved the fur pulled at her skin, especially in her hind leg area. Fixed fur and realized she was only 4-5 years old! We were the lucky ones who adopted her! She trained my boys by woo hooing which meant, "Pet ME now". She crossed the rainbow bridge 8 months ago. We had 9 wonderful years with her!