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Remington Steele

Remington, a handsome chocolate lab, was crated 16 hours a day by a college student. Thankfully the young man realized this was no life for an active 8 month old lab like Remi! My husband saw Remi on a humane society rescue website. I was far from ready to welcome a new pet into our lives. We had just suffered the loss of 3 dogs within 9 weeks, and my heart was shattered to say the least. Long story short we found Remi at another rescue and we went to meet him. I knew the second we saw him he was meant to be our baby. He was perfect from the moment we got him home. He was our baby and we were his family. He and I spent countless hours on walks exploring, talking, thinking and enjoying time with each other. Last summer we found a spot on Remi that turned out to be mast cell carcinoma. He had surgery and treatment and seemed to be doing well. However, the cancer returned and our baby passed away in July at the age of 9. He was way too young and he took a piece of my heart with him. He came into our lives when we needed him and I will always be thankful that we got to share the years we had with him. We love you Remi!

Kimberly S Hagler