Rescue of Mr. Friendly

Mr. Friendly was born feral. He was neutered and lived outdoors for at least seven years. He stayed mostly in a neighbor's back yard who would not allow me on the property. They only (minimally) fed him. No cover for his food or protection for him from the elements. I fed him on the sidewalk every morning when I walked my dog. He would show up in the winter even when it was below zero temperature. I befriended him and was the only one who could pet him. He knew my voice and trusted me, as well as knowing his name. I wanted so badly to get him off the streets and into my home, especially because I noticed that he needed dentistry (he only has 2 teeth left in his mouth). But being able to get him into a carrier or trap was not an easy thing. I finally was successful in November 2017, thanks to a wonderful woman neighbor who let me on her property to feed him and coax him into a trap. He is a "love bug" for me, but not for anyone else. I took my time in introducing him to my home, to the rest of our kitty family, and to my rescue dog Piper. Mr. Friendly is "in love" with Piper. He has a very outgoing personality and plays constantly with the cat toys. It is a joy to watch him and amazing to know how quickly he has adjusted to his new, safe and loving, life. I thank God, every day, for helping me be patient and persistent in my pursuit of rescuing Mr. Friendly.
Cheri L Doolittle
Albany, NY