Rescued from Death Row

"Do you have any snacks?" Oh, by the way my name is Roxy. I'm one of those new high mileage hybrids that every dealer is pushing, part Pug and part Jack Russell, better known as a Pug Russell. My daddy rescued me from doggie death row when he adopted me July 19, 2006 (the day we celebrate my anniversary every year). I seem to have collected a handful of nicknames over the last couple of years. Most people who first meet me, call me "Snaggle Tooth" since I have one tooth that sticks out, we've talked about braces, but it's agreed, it makes me cute. Other names included "The Cleaner" and "Hoover" since I'm very diligent about cleaning the kitchen floor and any dirty dishes that I can get my tongue on. I like my furry family, even if they don't know it but I'm the Queen to three canine brothers and a feline brother. It takes a strong women to keep all those men in line, but I'm up to the challenge. Miss Roxy
Robert Wooden
Germantown, MD