Rescued with hour to spare.

Hello! I'm from a small but dedicated rescue group, Cat Rescue Newcastle or CRN in NSW, Australia. Every year we rescue cats from local pounds because we, like you, are passionate and firmly believe that all animals deserve a second chance. This is a story about our latest rescue, Henry, who has a story that will warm the hearts of all who share it.

Henry is a very special rescue and one that will stay with all of us at CRN forever. A local pound put out the call to any available rescue groups to take in this loving boy as he had been living in his cold cage with minimal warmth and love for too long and was due to be put to sleep. Due to the amount of rescues that need to be done in our area, understandably most rescues were full, including ours at the time. That's when one of our beautiful foster carers, Michelle, stood up and said that she had room in her house but needed transport assistance and that's when we came together as a team to save this beautiful boy. Without a second thought I said that I could do the transport so I rang the pound and told them the good news. They informed me that "the stray" had until Friday to be picked up otherwise he would be "destroyed". Not on our watch! I had Henry safe in my car on Friday morning, mere hours before he was to be put to sleep. After arriving at the meeting place for Michelle 30 minutes early,

I decided to let him roam around my car and stretch his legs. The moment I opened his cat carrier, Henry walked up onto my shoulder and gave me the most heartwarming kitty kiss I had ever received since becoming a foster carer. The love and affection he displayed was breathtaking and I just knew in my heart that he knew what had just happened. He was finally rescued and this was his way of saying "thank you". This is what we live for at CRN!

Newcastle, Australia