Rufus Gets Into Trouble

Since I told you about Pip, I think I should share a story about Rufus. Rufus is my constant companion. I work out of my home and at least 80% of the day while I am at my computer, he sits on my lap. If I get up to do something, he jumps down, hops in my chair; when I return, he jumps back on my lap. I can switch my legs around, he doesn’t care. So, Rufus is very sweet. He is adventurous, but he’s not especially bright. He gets himself into troubles he can’t get himself out of. I have open kitchen cabinets and when he was younger, he would jump up into them and nestle himself among my big spaghetti pot or my gravy boat. Then he would meow for me to get him down because he was afraid to jump down himself. He would often get himself into situations and not know how to get out of the problem he had caused himself. The best situation that Rufus got into was one I was able to catch here on camera. I know a lot of cats love to get into Christmas trees, and I’ve heard stories, but I didn’t have any firsthand experience until I had Rufus. I had decorated the tree; (by the way, after I brought these cats home, I switched from my expensive glass ornaments to plastic ornaments. I didn’t trust my cats when they were kittens, and after 12 years, I still don’t trust them with the tree) I was in my office and I heard an odd sound from the living room where the tree was. I went over and looked at the tree and there was Rufus, perched on the top, holding on for his life. Oh My! Luckily, I remembered to grab the camera and take this shot before I got the step ladder to pick him off the tree. Fortunately he hasn’t done this prank again. He’s getting a little old and sore now. But he still loves sitting on my lap, he’s in on it right now.
Laura Batzer
Milwaukee, WI