Safe & Sound

I almost hit this girl running across a busy two lane. She had no tags, no owner, and no fear! Bones rode home with me, and I went straight to the internet/local shelters to see if anyone would claim her. Well, no one came for her. It's just as well, because the minute my husband and I saw how sweet those big brown eyes were, it was over for us. She's been home for a year and a half now, and I can't remember what life was like without her antics. She makes me laugh every day with her sassy talking, and snuggles close when I'm not feeling well. She's a champion rock-climber, avid bird-chaser, and loves to go camping! We were there when she needed someone, and she constantly repays us with her loyalty, love, and puppy kisses. Bones has found her home with us, and we've done the same with her, forever.
Danielle & Marcus Grimm
Los Angeles, CA