Sebastian the Stray

My elderly mother asked me to buy her a bag of cat food (she didn’t have a cat!) and told me she was feeding an outside cat. (December in New Jersey is freezing!) I told her (lovingly) that she was nuts and that it was probably an opossum! Well, one morning as I was visiting and setting up her pills, I heard a loud meow outside her door. I opened it to see an emaciated Russian Blue cat yowling for his breakfast! Luckily, I had bought the cat food “just in case.” So I fed him and decided I would trap him and give him a forever home. I tried to trap him three times in a Have-A-Heart trap and failed miserably. Finally, on the fourth try, it worked! Six years later, he is a healthy, loving bundle of fur. He loves sitting in the window in a sunbeam with my other cats, Milo and Josie. All three are strictly indoor cats and love life together, along with my precious 13-year-old Shih Tzu!